SA Memory Institute | SA Instituut vir Geheue Ontwikkeling
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At SA Memory Institute our Goals are:

  • To develop your child's total character by shortening his/her study time
  • To improving his/her study techniques
  • And showing him/her how to really enjoy his/her studies
  • Our main goal is to see to it that your child achieves his / her full potential - Don't forget it!!

SAMI'S Benefits for the Learner - Learning Skills

  • Left and right brain development
  • Effective listening, writing and reading
  • Memorising and recalling
  • Summaries and identifying of keywords
  • Exam techniques and exam stress

SAMI'S Benefits for the Learner - Life Skills

  • Positive attitude
  • Communication skills (Active listening)
  • Better concentration, logic and creativity
  • Time management, planning
  • Preparation for tertiary studies

World Wide Education - Help your Child for the rest of their lives

  • Learning is an important skill that needs to be developed in children.
  • It is necessary for success at school, as well as for further education and beyond.
  • World Wide Education has helped over 8 000 children since 1997 with learning, life and reading skills.

Dear Parents

The S.A. Memory Institute, a dynamic educational institution, should like to assist you with your child's education. Accordingly, our aims are to:

  • develop your child's total character;
  • reduce his/her study time;
  • improve his/her study techniques, thereby enabling him/her to enjoy studying.

Our only goal is to ensure that your child achieves his/her full potential.

We, as parents, see studying as an activity exercised at a desk; but successful studying is actually an acquired skill. This skill should be mastered at an early age, as an "A" average for matric offers no guarantee for success after school. It has been found that many learners have not developed the necessary skills that would enable them to work independently at secondary and tertiary level.

Accordingly, the Institute compiled a course with the assistance of notable educationists, whereby we can assist learners to develop Learning and Life Skills. We are pleased to say that we have assisted literally thousands of learners to acquire these skills over the past few years, and that we therefore have a proven track record - with testimonials to back up our claim!We request parents to consider the following…

  • Does your primary school child possess the necessary Learning and Life Skills to be successful for the rest of his/her life?
  • Has your secondary school child acquired the more advanced Learning and Life Skills that would enable him/her to enter into a rewarding career?

If your child completes the course offered by the S.A. Memory Institute, the answer to the questions raised above, would be an unequivocal YES!

Kind regards

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Tel: 021 979 2225
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