SA Memory Institute | SA Instituut vir Geheue Ontwikkeling
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At SA Memory Institute our Goals are:

  • To develop your child's total character by shortening his/her study time
  • To improving his/her study techniques
  • And showing him/her how to really enjoy his/her studies
  • Our main goal is to see to it that your child achieves his / her full potential - Don't forget it!!

SAMI'S Benefits for the Learner - Learning Skills

  • Left and right brain development
  • Effective listening, writing and reading
  • Memorising and recalling
  • Summaries and identifying of keywords
  • Exam techniques and exam stress

SAMI'S Benefits for the Learner - Life Skills

  • Positive attitude
  • Communication skills (Active listening)
  • Better concentration, logic and creativity
  • Time management, planning
  • Preparation for tertiary studies

World Wide Education - Help your Child for the rest of their lives

  • Learning is an important skill that needs to be developed in children.
  • It is necessary for success at school, as well as for further education and beyond.
  • World Wide Education has helped over 8 000 children since 1997 with learning, life and reading skills.

Letter to the Learner

Why am I here?

The SA Memory Institute is an educational institution and our goal is to assist scholars with learning, life and entrepreneurial skills. These skills will be shared with you during the course of this week.

Our aim is not to force these skills on you, but to share them with you. We ask you therefore to work with us and evaluate your techniques and maybe combine them with our techniques - in such a way that your skills will improve.

Some of these skills or techniques might seem silly, stupid or maybe illogical, but unfortunately it is these simple things that need to be repeated in order to make them a part of your life. We are not forcing you to change; we are showing you different and easier ways to make your studies easier and more interesting.

It really is important to analyse your study methods. Facts will be thrown at you throughout your whole life. So it is up to you to utilise them and make the most of what you have got.

So: take part, listen, share and learn. Some of these facts will make a difference. To be successful it is important to take the good from other people's lives and make it a part of yours!

"Let's talk business!"

"Two students didn't know what to do, so they decided to toss a coin. They said: "heads, we go to the beach, tails we go to the movies and if the coin lands on its side we will go and study!"

"Is that what you do?"

Yes, it's true that your parents, teachers and yourself expects a lot from you, while you are already giving it your best. You are using your talents and the opportunities God has given you.

Often you can do better. The reason? Well, you think you are using the correct or most efficient study techniques; but some students are still saying:

  • 'I am not using the correct studying techniques.'
  • 'I don't know how to study properly.'
  • 'I study a lot, but just can't remember all the work'.

Our aim is not only to improve your marks. Yes, it is important, but maybe you hate studying or you are just studying for the sake of studying?

The good news is:

  • That your studies can be easier and more pleasurable,
  • That you can have a positive attitude towards your studies,
  • That you can use the time that you spend studying more effectively
  • And that your studies can be more successful.

"But the not so good news is": to be a successful student you have to be a hard worker! There is no magic recipe, but you can achieve more with less effort.

For example: Your dad asks you to dig a big hole in the garden. You can use a spoon. Eventually you will finish, but if you use a spade you will do a better and faster job. Both ways you will sweat and dig a hole. It is just a question of using the correct instrument and techniques.

What am I saying?

"When using the correct instruments you can achieve a lot more in less time and this is what the SA Memory Institute wants to show you - work smarter, not harder!!!"


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