SA Memory Institute | SA Instituut vir Geheue Ontwikkeling
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At SA Memory Institute our Goals are:

  • To develop your child's total character by shortening his/her study time
  • To improving his/her study techniques
  • And showing him/her how to really enjoy his/her studies
  • Our main goal is to see to it that your child achieves his / her full potential - Don't forget it!!

SAMI'S Benefits for the Learner - Learning Skills

  • Left and right brain development
  • Effective listening, writing and reading
  • Memorising and recalling
  • Summaries and identifying of keywords
  • Exam techniques and exam stress

SAMI'S Benefits for the Learner - Life Skills

  • Positive attitude
  • Communication skills (Active listening)
  • Better concentration, logic and creativity
  • Time management, planning
  • Preparation for tertiary studies

World Wide Education - Help your Child for the rest of their lives

  • Learning is an important skill that needs to be developed in children.
  • It is necessary for success at school, as well as for further education and beyond.
  • World Wide Education has helped over 8 000 children since 1997 with learning, life and reading skills.

Benefits for the Learner

1. Learning Skills

  • Left and right brain development.
  • Effective listening, writing and reading.
  • Memorizing and recalling.
  • Summaries and identifying of keywords.
  • Exam techniques and exam stress.
  • Problem solving.
  • Develop your full potential.
  • Reduce study time, while you are having fun.
  • Finding information for projects.

2. Life Skills

  • Positive attitude.
  • Communication skills (Active listening).
  • Better concentration, logic and creativity.
  • Time management, planning.
  • Motivation.
  • Goal setting.
  • Coping with stress.
  • Preparation for tertiary studies.
  • Improve perception and understanding.
  • Future in perspective, coping with change, relationships, etc.

3. Subscription Benefits

  • Maths Tutor CD (Maths lesson from Gr.4 – Gr.12 according to CAPS).
  • Advanced Read CD (improve eye exercises and enhance reading speed & comprehension.
  • Follow up course.
  • Manual with certificate.
  • An enrolled learner may repeat the course, free of charge, at the Institute or any venue where such courses may be presented.
  • Learner’s CD with educational games, music, summaries, entrepreneurial worksheet and Parental Guide.
  • Monthly audio visual course information.
  • Reading exercises.
  • Newsletters.

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